one year blogiversary & a love letter to you

My dear reader,
Time flies. I’ve just realised it’s been a year since I started blogging. Blogiversary is not a big deal. No hard feelings, you know. But still, it is a milestone. And I’m ready to celebrate it with a drink, 12 pictures taken in 12 different countries in last 12 months and a letter to you. To all my dear readers, all my dear visual addicts and severe cases of wanderlust.
Vilnius, Lithuania

Bucharest, Romania
My dear reader, I love you. Every comment, every share, every click makes my heart swoon. I’m so psyched when I see someone is actually following my posts. This visual game wouldn’t make sense without you. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for your time. I hope that the picures you found here, the one you are finding and the ones you will find are worth a bit more than a thousand words. I’m not in these photographs. You are not in these photograps. But we are part of the adventure. We create. We say, hey, now the plot is turning. Let’s edit it. Let’s crop it. Let’s add some brightness. Let’s.
Yerevan, Armenia
Dublin, Ireland
I feel very grateful and very blessed here. Because I have you. Because during this year of picking the pics  I discovered a fantastic community of inspiring, courageous bloggers from all over the world. I feel especially grateful and blessed today when I think about how much have changed since the very day when I started The Picktures. I live in a different country, speak different language on a daily basis, I have a completely different job, I eat different foods, I wake up to different light, different energy and different atmosphere. I’m happier. I feel more alive. More curious what’s behind the next corner.
Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, France
I was always obsessed with planning. I wanted to have everything scheduled. Plan A. Plan B. Plan C. How many letters we have in latin alphabet? Ah, I know two more alphabets just in case. Safety first!
Tbilisi, Georgia
Helsinki, Finland
Safety doesn’t always make you happy. When I came to Armenia for the very first time, I returned back home with a tattoo on my foot. I got an Armenian word meaning courage. Courage to go beyond safety and beyond my schedules and my plans and the alphabets I was familiar with.
Riga, Latvia
Vienna, Austria
My biggest lesson from blogging? Be with the world. Not only in it but with it. Look at it and listen to it. Be attentive. Maybe it has something special for you and you might loose it because you are too busy making other plans. Keep balance.
Berlin, Germany
Bratislava, Slovakia
I will keep trying. Keep taking photos.
I’m ready for the second year. Who’s with me?

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